Trenchless Sewer Line Repair vs Traditional Pipe Repair: A Comprehensive Comparison

When dealing with sewer line damage, selecting the best repair process is critical. Traditional pipe repair and trenchless sewer repair are two popular solutions. Depending on the circumstances, each offers advantages and disadvantages. Read on to compare and contrast these two methods, including factors to consider, costs, and effectiveness.

What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is a method of repairing sewer systems without excavation. Trenchless repair uses access points to fix the pipe from the inside rather than digging up and replacing the damaged line. Common trenchless sewer repair procedures include cured-in-place pipelining (CIPP) and pipe bursting. CIPP creates a new pipe within an existing pipe by utilizing a resin-saturated liner that hardens to provide a smooth, long-lasting repair.

Benefits of Trenchless Repair

  • Less Required Digging: trenchless repair of sewer lines only requires 2 small access holes to be dug.
  • Cost Effective: trenchless repair methods typically cost less than traditional excavation methods.
  • Faster Turnaround: since there is little excavation, the trenchless repair is faster.

What are the Two Most Common Trenchless Sewer Operations?

Pipe bursting and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) are the two most frequent trenchless sewer repair technologies. Pipe bursting entails breaking the old pipe and replacing it with a new one, whereas CIPP involves constructing a new, seamless pipe within the old, damaged pipe. In comparison to traditional excavation, both approaches are less invasive and in general less expensive.

What is Traditional Pipe Repair?

Traditional pipe repair involves the use of excavation to access the damaged piping. In this form of sewer repair, the old pipe is taken out and replaced with a new one. Because excavation must be used, this strategy is effective but time-consuming and in general more costly. Traditional pipe repair may affect the surrounding areas of your property and necessitate a form of landscaping restoration.

Benefits of Traditional Pipe Repair

  • Real Piping Installed: traditional pipe repair replaces broken piping with new piping, without the use of a liner.
  • More Accessible: Traditional pipe repair can be used in more instances than trenchless pipe repair.

Trenchless Sewer Repair vs Traditional Pipe Repair

Trenchless Sewer RepairTraditional Pipe Repair
 Less invasive  Requires excavation
 Faster turnaround time Longer turnaround time 
 Cost-effective Usually higher cost 
 Little to no damage to landscaping May damage landscape 
 Minimal disruption May cause disruption 
 Long lasting repairs Longer lasting repairs 

When to Choose Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair is an excellent option for repairing sewer pipes when the damage is not too severe. It is best suited for pipes with cracks, leaks, or corrosion. Trenchless repair is also preferred when the location of the damaged pipe is challenging to access or when traditional excavation is not feasible. If you are on a budget, trenchless sewer repair is in general the cheaper option over traditional repair.

When to Choose Traditional Pipe Repair

Traditional pipe repair is often recommended when the damage to the pipe is substantial or when the pipe must be completely replaced. It is also desirable when the damaged pipe's location is easily accessible and there is no need for minimal interruption or time constraints. If you do decide to excavate, be sure to hire a local traditional pipe repair contractor with a track record of successful repairs.


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