24/7 sewer drain cleaning services

Cleaning a drain by yourself may seem like a good temporary fix to a backup but our sewer line plumbers are trained to distinguish between simple clogs and deeper sewer line problems. Our team will assess the problem, use cameras to determine the source of the blockages and then use the most cost-effective solution to fix your problem.


Sewer line services

Our sewer line services include:

Hydro jetting

This method of drain cleaning uses high-pressure blasts of water to clean blockages in pipes. A standard hydro jet uses pressurized water to spray water through a 360-degree nozzle. Hydro jetting is used for more extreme blockages in the pipe. This technique removes blockages in your pipes without damaging them, unlike chemicals such as Drano.

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Selling your house? Call our expert contractors

Selling a house is hard work and if there are foundation or plumbing problems it can be even more of a headache. The Ihn Company specializes in inspecting & fixing foundation and plumbing. We also offer a 20 year transferable warranty on all foundations and a 1 year warranty on our plumbing. You can sell your home without worrying about a potential lawsuit.

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