CIPP vs Pipe Bursting - How to Understand the Differences

Having the right trenchless repair method done on your sewer pipes is essential. Two popular repair options are CIPP lining and pipe bursting.

CIPP Linings

CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) lining is a trenchless method used to rehabilitate and repair damaged or deteriorating sewer pipes without needing excavation. CIPP linings are a common repair method used by sewer repair contractors to repair broken sewer pipes in homes and businesses.

Pros and Cons of Cured-In-Place Pipe Linings

Minimally invasive May not be suitable for all types of pipe configurations
 Cost-effective compared to traditional methods  May not be effective for larger pipes
 Durable and long-lasting up to 50 years  Installation may require significant preparation, such as cleaning and inspection
 Resistant to corrosion, cracking and root intrusion  May not be feasible in areas with limited access or space
 May be customized to fit various pipe sizes, shapes, and configurations  Requires installation by a skilled contractor

How Much Do CIPP Linings Cost?

Relining a damaged sewer pipe via CIPP lining usually costs $80 to $250 per foot. Typical CIPP lining repairs can cost between $8,500 - $16,000 per job.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method that involves fracturing the existing pipeline and pulling a new one into place, making it an effective way to replace damaged or deteriorating pipelines without the need for extensive excavation.

Pros & Cons of Pipe Bursting

Less disruptive than traditional excavation methods Higher upfront costs than excavation methods
Faster installation over traditional methods Requires access pits to be dug at either end of the pipe section being replaced
Reduced risk of damage surrounding infrastructure Limited ability to replace severely misaligned or collapsed pipes
Suitable for many pipe materials and sizes May not work for pipes with multiple bends or changes in direction
Results in a long-lasting and durable pipeline Requires installation by a skilled contractor

How Much Does Pipe Bursting Cost?

Repairing damaged sewer pipes via pipe bursting usually costs between $60 - $200 per foot. Typical pipe-bursting jobs cost from $7,000 up to $24,000.

Pipe Bursting vs CIPP Linings

  Pipe BurstingCIPP Linings
Install Method Existing pipe is burst and replaced with a new one A liner is inserted into the existing pipe and cured in place
Installation Time A liner is inserted into the existing pipe and cured in place Faster installation time compared to traditional excavation methods
Cost Higher upfront cost compared to CIPP lining Lower upfront cost compared to pipe bursting
Pipe Material Compatibility Suitable for most pipe materials Limited compatibility with some pipe materials
Surrounding Infrastructure Higher risk of damage to the surrounding infrastructure Reduced risk of damage to surrounding infrastructure
Pipeline Alignment Limited ability to replace severely misaligned or collapsed pipelines Suitable for pipelines with bends and changes in direction
Expected Life 50+ ~50 years

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The IHN Company repairs sewer pipes using trenchless repair when possible via CIPP linings in homes and businesses across southeastern Wisconsin. Our Pewaukee area contractors trust CIPP liners for their ease of installation, repair effectiveness, general lower cost, and expected lifespan. We make the repair process straightforward with our free estimates and fast service. Get an estimate on your next sewer repair job from IHN.


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