Exterior Basement Wall Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing is an excellent way to prevent flooding and water damage to your home foundation. Utilizing exterior waterproofing allows you to use your basement as a finished living space without having to worry about water damage. Contact the professionals at Ihn Company when you see water damage or smell a musty odor coming from your basement. We will figure out exactly where the water is crawling in through and figure out the most cost-effective way to fix the problem. Retain your property value; prevent water from crawling into your home




Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Southeast Wisconsin

Heavy rain and snowstorms can cause major problems to the foundation of your property. Waterproofing your basement from the exterior helps to stop water from trickling in into your basement. Interior waterproofing is used if water has already seeped into your basement. Exterior waterproofing is designed to stop the water before it enters your home. Our team at Ihn Company offers affordable exterior basement waterproofing services to help you save money in the long run by avoiding water damage.

Unlike interior waterproofing services, our exterior waterproofing services are a less intrusive approach with the same goal, retaining water away from entering your home. It is ideally done when a house is being constructed, but exterior basement waterproofing can be carried out with any home foundation, no matter if it’s masonry block walls or poured concrete. The clay soil commonly found in Southeast Wisconsin absorbs a lot of water and causes the soil to expand. This creates a lot of pressure against the foundation of your home and forces water to seep through any small crack.

Selling your house? Call our expert contractors

Selling a house is hard work and if there are foundation or plumbing problems it can be even more of a headache. The Ihn Company specializes in inspecting & fixing foundation and plumbing. We also offer a 20 year transferable warranty on all foundations and a 1 year warranty on our plumbing. You can sell your home without worrying about a potential lawsuit.

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