Interior & exterior basement waterproofing

Flooding in your basement costs money. There are repairs to your furniture and other valuables in your basement and water damage lowers your overall property value. Call the Ihn Company when you see significant damage after a storm. We’ll figure out the source of your leaks and the most cost-effective way to fix them.


Interior basement waterproofing

Water damage destroys the foundation of your property. If your home or business has any foundation issues it can let in water. Water damage can be evident after storms but also occurs slowly over time because of groundwater stores. Our team offers interior basement waterproofing so that you can save money and protect the money you’ve put into the foundation of your home.

Crystalline waterproofing system

The two main types of integral waterproofing systems we specialize in are hydrophobic and hydrophilic systems. The hydrophilic system uses crystallization technology that replaces the water in the concrete with insoluble crystals forming a waterproof layer in the concrete. This technique preventing leaks, drips and damage indefinitely. Depending on your needs, there are many technologies on the market–and we will help you find the most affordable option.

Other basement services:

Our basement contractors offer a variety of services for residential & commercial basement/foundation work, including:

Drain tile contractors

Drain tiles, or French drains, are effective systems to direct water away from your home. Drain tile systems have the following advantages:

  • Directs moisture away from your lawn so it can be used for other purposes like a children’s play area or a garden
  • Drain tile systems are inexpensive to install compared to other waterproofing techniques (the cost averages out at $25/foot)
  • With proper maintenance this system can last for over 20 years
  • The installation is fast and simple
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Selling your house? Call our expert contractors

Selling a house is hard work and if there are foundation or plumbing problems it can be even more of a headache. The Ihn Company specializes in inspecting & fixing foundation and plumbing. We also offer a 20 year transferable warranty on all foundations and a 1 year warranty on our plumbing. You can sell your home without worrying about a potential lawsuit.

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