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Basement contractors for Southeastern Wisconsin

The Ihn Company offers free estimates on basement services including foundation repair. All foundation work comes with a 20-year transferable warranty. Foundation repairs can be expensive and time-consuming but our basement contractors have the expertise & equipment required to get the job done right without unexpected expenses. 


Signs you need a foundation repair company

Foundation concerns are never something to be taken lightly. If you're experiencing any of the following symptoms in your basement floor or walls, it's best to consult a professional foundation repair contractor such as The IHN Company.

Foundation structural concerns:

  • Step cracks
  • Vertical cracks
  • Shearing (blocks sliding or moving away from one another)
  • Caved in blocks or movement near the I-beam
  • Movement in corners
  • Heaving basement floor

Foundation water or moisture-related concerns:

  • Leaking, seepage, and water stains
  • Efflorescence growth (white powdery substance) 
  • Paint peeling and chipping 
  • Root growth in sump pump crock
  • Stuck palmer valve

Our Milwaukee area team can evaluate the state of your foundation & layout options to have it fixed promptly and thoroughly. It's our goal to make the repair process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

How often do I need a foundation inspection?

How frequently your foundation should be inspected can depend on the quality of soil around your house and whether or not you're looking to sell soon. Homes in the Southeastern Wisconsin area are mostly built upon clay soil, which can develop drainage issues if not managed properly. It's a good rule of thumb to have your foundation inspected at least once a year to ensure any developing concerns are addressed before further damages develop.

Can I sell a house with basement foundation problems?

You can sell a house with foundation problems but it must be disclosed to the seller and there must be mutual agreement that the buyer is accepting the foundation "as-is." It can be difficult to sell a house requiring foundation repair and it can even affect a home's appraised value by up to 15%.

What problems can serious foundation issues cause?

Serious foundation problems can put the stability of your home at risk. Ignoring issues needing repair can lead to further deterioration and added repair expense.

Are home foundation repairs worth it?


  • you're planning on living in your home for the next 4-8 years..
  • you're planning on refinancing your home to reduce interest rates..
  • never want to worry about the foundation of your home and water seeping through into your basement..

...then you SHOULD schedule an appointment to repair your foundation

Foundation repair services

Our main foundation repair services include:

We will tailor our services depending on your home and the extent of any discovered foundation damage.

Support Beam Installation

The Ihn Company uses 3" x 5" steel reinforcements unless otherwise specified.

basement support beam installation in Milwaukee

Other basement services:

Our basement contractors offer a variety of services for residential & commercial basement/foundation work, including:

Contact The Ihn Company for a FREE foundation repair estimate. IHN services Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties including Brookfield, New Berlin, Menomonee Falls, Pewaukee, Oconomowoc, Wauwatosa, Greenfield, and more.

Selling your house? Call our expert contractors

Selling a house is hard work and if there are foundation or plumbing problems it can be even more of a headache. The Ihn Company specializes in inspecting & fixing foundation and plumbing. We also offer a 20 year transferable warranty on all foundations and a 1 year warranty on our plumbing. You can sell your home without worrying about a potential lawsuit.

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