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Prevent water damage in your Southeast Wisconsin home

Drain tile is a drainage solution that is a barrier between the foundation of a home and water. This is also known as a dispersion drain. Drain tile is a system of pipes installed to drain excess water away from the base of a building. 

In order for drain tile systems to be effective, they need to be installed by experts & inspected every other year.

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Drain tile testing available

Drain tile testing varies depending on the type of system but generally your basement contractor will do the following:

  • 2-3 holes will be drilled in the basement floor to look for mud or standing water
  • Water will run through the drilled holes to check for clogs
  • Your basement will be inspected for signs of water damage that could be caused by a malfunctioning drain tile system

You may need to get a drain tile test if you see signs of water damage in your Wisconsin home or as part of a standard inspection when selling your home.

How does a drain tile system work?

See an example of a drain tile installation hereDrain tile systems utilize the mechanics of hydrostatic pressure to funnel water away from your basement foundation. 

  • The drain tiles are set into a gravel moat around your basement.
  • Water naturally flows toward the most porous material where it will meet the least resistance moving toward the gravel deposits and away from the basement walls.
  • Water enters the gravel and flows down into the drain tiles (four-inch windpipes with multiple drilled holes).
  • The drain tiles siphon water away from the basement and towards a pit.
  • A sump pump can be installed to remove the water or the water enters a water outlet.

Other basement services:

Our basement contractors offer a variety of services for residential & commercial basement/foundation work, including:

Whether your home is in New Berlin, Pewaukee, Milwaukee or Waukesha, we can provide you with a fast drain tile & offer recommendations for repair if necessary.

Drain Tile Installation 

Pictures of the installation process of new interior drain tile system: 

drain tile installation milwaukee


Drain tile install example milwauke

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